Eco-chic African Modern Design

Modern craft products with natural and recycled materials We are BIOTHONGA.  BIO: from nature – a celebration of Mozambique’s biodiversity through sustainable resource use THONGA: from the Bithonga, the people of Inhambane’s heart

Empowering Communities

BIOTHONGA recognises that artisans are key guardians of natural resources. Their art maximises the value that can be derived from these resources, drives community-led sustainable harvesting and generates much more income than consumables like firewood and charcoal. In our homes, their art reminds us that these natural resources are a privilege to use and enjoy. 

African Biodiversity

Africa is known for its biodiversity, but today, forests are seriously under threat from poor agricultural practices and the harvest of wood for fuel. We aim to help communities protect their forests by incentivising sustainable resource use, like using small volumes of timber and adding high value through craft. Our rural artisans thus derive the greatest possible value from the landscape, generating income from producing high quality crafts, and driving community-led responsible resource use.