About Us


BIO: from nature – a celebration of Mozambique’s biodiversity through sustainable resource use

THONGA: from the Bithonga, the people of Inhambane’s heart

Ana Alécia Lyman (Bio Oleos de Miombo) and Márcia Nangy (Dathonga) join their passion for design and nature in a new collaboration: BIOTHONGA.

Individually, these designers have dedicated years to working with local artisans, elevating traditions, preserving techniques and envisioning modern adaptations. Their ethical trade brands have established market linkages between master craftsmen and craftswomen in rural Mozambican communities, and clients around the world.

Designed for the modern world, the BIOTHONGA line marries fiber, wood, up-cycled glass, clay and stone. Organic forms intersect with the strong lines and patterns of southern Africa’s traditional geometry. 

In bringing this line to life, Márcia and Ana Alécia hope to bring these unique, highly crafted products to an audience that will appreciate them for the right reasons.